helen goss

Helen Goss is a Communicator, Teacher and Maker. She graduated from the very 1st Interactive Arts course in the UK and has been working with New Technologies since 1991.

Her career has been built around assisting real life Communities use Interactive Communications to experience how it is possible to exist meaningfully in both a physical and digital space.  Helen enjoys pushing boundaries by merging New Technologies and applying them to real life situations.

 “People’s thoughts and beliefs can be challenged and evolve when pioneering techniques are used to enable new connections. A beautiful idea, realised and exchanged, makes the world a more inspiring place.”

Helen’s company, Wayoutmedia, has entered a new phase. Having been trained in traditional 3D making techniques, she is now combining that knowledge with modern technology to encourage others to realise their inner Maker, innovator and Communicator.


Social Media Consultant, Creative Educationalist, Web Developer, Trainer & Interactive Artist at Wayout Media

Helen is the founder member of Wayoutmedia, which has been working with community organisations, schools, colleges, museums, libraries, councils and people of all ages since 1995. Creatively teaching the potential of the Internet and how to produce multimedia content, websites and interactive mechanisms to communicate with their clients and contemporaries.

Wayoutmedia also works with schools and organisations who work with Young People, to push the boundaries of technology so that the Young People are more safely engaged and empowered by the technology inside and outside of school. Working with VLE’s and creative solutions like mobile poll voting and video diaries, Wayout has seen some positive results from students, teachers and parents alike.

Helen has also contributed to a number of international conferences investigating the use of online environments for the creative education of young people.

Wayoutmedia are now providing 3D Printing workshops for people to learn how to bring their 3D Digital designs into the real world. facebook.com/imadethat3dtraining

Clients include: Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, Brighton and Hove CCG, Brighton College, Aspire Sussex, EPiC Brighton and Hove, Creative Future, Council of Europe, Creative Partnership UK, SCIP, Brighton and Hove Council, OCEANS network, Video Volunteers, Towner Arts Centre Eastbourne, Brighton YMCA, Brighton Young Carers Centre, Leaving Care Team Brighton and Hove Council, Hangelton and Knoll Project, Brighton Childrens Writers festival “Voyage into Books”, Maindee Multicultural Festival Newport Wales ‘Young Asian Girl Group’, City College Brighton ‘Ethiopian Women’s Group’, Newport County Council, Newport Libraries “Spread the Word”, South East Dance, Newport Youth Connect Service, Grassroots Cardiff, Chapter Cardiff ‘ New Writers Festival’

email  helen@wayoutmedia.com or phone +44 (0)7813818915