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What is the #SMMap?

The #SMMap [Social Media Map]
is a tool for finding and engaging in SMMapconversations

Online Directory/Map

The Social Media Map provides an easy to navigate directory of surgeries, pharmacies and 3rd sector organisation’s Social Media accounts. This assists the public and organisations wishing to link with each other via Social Media.

“When I am creating a campaign, I just go to the SMMap, enter the term for my audience and a whole load of results come up with quick links to their Facebook and Twitter pages, it makes posting relevant information really easy”

It creates a focussed network which currently, does not exist in Brighton and Hove.
It will enable participants to quickly link and easily share information with other Health organisations and the public.
Use of the Map will also simplify the process of joining and tapping straight into the network for new organisations wanting to join in conversations about Health.

Focusing on ‘Health’ conversations in the City helps us demonstrate the use of the SMMap. Ultimately the SMMap will be used to track many other conversations in the City.

Information flow

SMMap provides an information hub of live, relevant information for people to contribute to and share. It shows live updates on current information ie trending hashtags (conversations) new campaigns, new members etc.

“I can easily join in with relevant conversations in my field and learn about current topics in the City. It is a great place to find relevant information to share”

Currently it is also providing the EPIC project with support with regards to connecting its members to each other.


The SMMap enables and encourages the public to participate in your conversations, when a person visits the site, they will see the trending conversations and campaigns, it is a great place to build your audience.

“I use the SMMap to find services in my area. I can see their conversations, it helps me feel more in touch with what they can do for me, I also get to say what I need”


You can also learn about how to create a safe online community for your organisation. This site provides a ‘best practice’ Toolkit on how the network works and how you can become an active part of it.

“I am so busy, we don’t have much capacity for building a presence online, however the SMMap site provided me with carefully developed tools to quickly create the beginnings of a campaign. I am now confident that the reputation of my organisation is being preserved and the users of my online community are safe”

You can access advice on creating your Social Media Strategy and Policy, developed by Local Practices and their Patient Participation Groups in the SM4S Project (Social Media for Surgeries)

The toolkit explains with simple instructions, how to sustain information flow throughout the network and strategies on engaging hard to reach audiences. You will understand and be using, Viral Marketing.

A unique service

There is nothing like this in existence to our current knowledge, even online directories are not yet listing Social Media account addresses.

“We are hoping that in the future the SMMap will integrate fully with other local directories, knitting together the disparate, relevant information, people of the City have spent so much time providing us. The SMMap will make it easier to find”

UPDATE: The SMMap is currently being populated by EPiC members, we hope you will visit us again when we have more members. If you would like to join your service click here join