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Jane Collins (Practice Manager, Woodingdean Surgery) and Jane Lodge (Patient and Public Engagement manager, Brighton and Hove CCG) commissioned Wayoutmedia to work with local Surgeries and PPG’s (Patient Participation Groups) to build on the findings from the previous ‘Gateway group social media engagement project (2012/13)’ commissioned by the now defunct Brighton and Hove PCT.

Wayoutmedia consulted with a number of Surgeries and PPG’s in Sept 2013, with the intention of finding the safest way to encourage patients to use social media through their PPG’s. From the results of the consultation a series of development workshops were designed to assist Surgeries and their PPG’s in creating their own, tailored Social Media Policy and Strategy.  It is preferred that the PPG of a surgery create their own communication mechanisms, however in the cases where the Surgeries PPG was not present, a system was put in place for their PPG’s to use at a future date.

5 Surgeries and 4 PPG’s (the full list of acknowledgments can be found at the end of this toolkit) worked hard to develop this toolkit by profiling their requirements and working though various solutions in order to achieve a suitable Social Media Strategy for their individual needs. The toolkit has been designed to cater for different needs and will have a solution for you. If you would like to add anything to the toolkit, please let us know.