SM4S toolkit

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Here is the downloadable SM4S toolkit pdf along with the templates and helpsheets (Separated out into individual pdfs)

sm4s toolkit (Draft) – the whole toolkit including worksheets, excluding templates which you can download below (pdf). Please note this is a draft version of the toolkit.

SM-Policy-template (Word document)
SM-Strategy-template (Word document)
Code-of-Conduct-for-SM-accounts-template (Word document)
Social Media Assistant job description template (Word document)


The following projects have been put on hold;

Brighton & Hove Social Media Map
If you want to add your Surgery to the SMMap (Brighton and Hove Social Media Map) please visit here.

SM4S Facebook Page
If you would like to use the SM4S Facebook page for information to share to your Social Media Accounts please visit here.

You are welcome to use this toolkit whenever you like.
If you print it out to share, please ensure all references to the source and information about the CCG and contact details for wayoutmedia are retained.