3D Printing




The 3D printing world is evolving fast, it is becoming easier to create your 3D ‘things’ at home.
See how 3D Printing can fit into your life by attending one of our workshops.



Wayoutmedia deliver 2 types of 3D Printing workshop Artistic & Practical.
If you would like to book onto or host one of these workshops please contact Helen here

Creative 3D Printing (Artistic)

Brief: To create a small ’Thing’ to represent your online persona.
Inside the ‘Thing’ is a representation of the part of yourself you keep private from the world, something people wouldn’t know about you, something you choose to protect. You may even want to seal it inside your work.

The aim of this workshop is to get people thinking about how they represent themselves online and how it may be better to hold some things back. It teaches communication skills and practical design and making techniques through the use of online 3D creation tools and 3D Printing.

With the Artists consent, the final ‘Thing’ will join the other ‘Things’ created in this project, to form a ‘Network of Things’ as part of the exhibition for the Digitalis Project.


Trainer Helen Goss
Technician George Hart

An Introduction to desktop 3D Printing (Practical)

This is an introduction to 3D printing to teach you how to collect, experiment, create and print your own ‘thing’. It will familiarise you with the language and technology surrounding 3D printing, whilst giving you the experience of creating and bringing your ‘thing’ into the real world. You will download it to the printer and print it out to take home with you. This will be the beginning of an exciting journey. You will become one of the many people to join the new ‘Maker revolution’.

No previous experience of 3D Design is required. You may also be an experienced 3D Designer wishing to bring your designs into the real world.

Trainer Helen Goss
Technician George Hart