Social Media for your group

Making social media work for your group

Resources for the day are available here

If used right, social media can be a powerful tool for engaging service beneficiaries, spreading the word about what you do, attracting new supporters and donors, and rallying support for your cause.

Are you a group who are already using social media but feel:

  • your approach could be more organised and purposeful
  • it’s not having the positive impact on your group you thought it would
  • you’re not taking full advantage of all the tools out there
  • you have concerns about work/personal boundaries when using social media

This ½ day workshop is for groups already using social media in some way and who would like to improve their effectiveness in this area. Workshop activities and discussion will help you to:

  • Understand the full impact that social media can have upon your group and activities including fundraising
  • Understand the importance of a social media plan and what it might contain
  • Consider what ongoing things your group needs to have in place in order to make your social media plan a success
  • Consider the issues of boundaries and confidentiality in relation to social media usage and what practical actions you can take to keep social media activity ‘safe’
  • Find out about the most common social media tools and their uses

Notes from the trainer:

You will be learning how to use these free communication tools for your organisation in a more in depth, achievable and cohesive way than you might have been before.
There are a number of things you can do to enable you get the most out of this session, we ask that you prepare as much as you can by achieving the following things;

If you have a website, please ensure you have administrator access (If your role requires it) as you will want to be able to post from your site. Also, either have current information already on your site you can share on the day or relevant information ready that you can use to publish from the site, in the session. If you do not have this access, get the web address of the information your group has agreed to share for the campaign.

If your organisation does not have a website, please bring with you a digital version of your newsletter (this makes it easier to copy and paste information) if you don’t have a digitised version, agree on what you will be posting about and write out a paragraph of information covering each topic, with relevant dates and links to further information.

You will need to be an administrator on ALL of your organisation’s Social Media Accounts (NB This course assumes that you have already agreed and set up the social media platforms your organisation will be using)

In this workshop, we will be planning a campaign for your organisation. You will need to agree a subject area that you want to promote, this may be an event coming up, a fundraising campaign or just information promoting your organisation and what you do.

Whatever it is, we want you to be prepared to make the most of your time on the day, so that you can walk away with a launched campaign you can easily add to for weeks after.

If you have any images, either bring them on a USB stick or have a link to them online so we can download them in the session.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and getting an effective, engaging campaign, up and running in a safe and sustainable way.